This book is a sequel to EVERY DAY by the same author.  I have not read that but recommend others read it first before picking up SOMEDAY. In this book there are two characters who do not have bodies but… Read More ›

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  • Venators: Magic Unleashed

    I’m going to preface this review with a complaint I have about YA fantasy fiction in general and about its authors specifically.  Why do you have to announce a book as the “first of a series” before you even know… Read More ›

  • Otherearth

    This book is the sequel (which I have not read) to OTHERWORLD by the same authors.  I gamely started it anyway, expecting enough back story explanations to soldier on.  By the time I reached Page 67, however, I had been… Read More ›

  • Odd One Out

    Courtney (“Coop”) is a heterosexual high school junior who lives with his widowed mother. Next door is his best friend Jupiter (“Jupe”), a girl living with her two dads–her biological dad and a step-dad who left a wife and children… Read More ›

  • Dear Evan Hansen

    Senior Evan Hansen is starting his last year at school with a broken arm gotten from falling a great distance out of a tree while working his summer job as an assistant park ranger.  Not that anyone will notice, because… Read More ›

  • Words We Don’t Say

    Joel Higgins is a high school junior who lost his best friend Andy to cancer.  He struggles with loss but also guilt that he began to shirk off visiting Andy in his last days.  While he is surrounded by parents… Read More ›

  • The Lying Woods

    Owen Foster is from the small town of Lake Cane in Louisiana, where his father has done exceedingly well in the fracking business. Because of this, Owen attends a hoity-toity private school several hours away.  It took him a little… Read More ›

  • The Guggenheim Mystery

    This book is the second in a pair featuring Ted Spark, an almost-13-year-old on the autism spectrum. As in the preceding book, THE LONDON EYE MYSTERY, he joins with his sister Kat and cousin Salim in a suspenseful plot featuring… Read More ›

  • The Season of Styx Malone

    Caleb Franklin and his older brother Bobby Gene are watching the last few weeks of summer disappear before school starts, spending time in what has in the past been idyllic pursuits in the surrounding woods and fields.  Caleb, though, is… Read More ›

  • The Perfect Secret

    This book is a sequel to one called THE PERFECT SCORE, which I had not read.  It does make reference to events in the earlier book, so read that one first if you want a fuller experience (though it is… Read More ›