Watch Over Me

Zoey is the managing “adult” living in a household which has been defined by domestic violence. At the age of 15 she testified against her abusive cop father in court, and he was sent to jail. Now she is 18… Read More ›

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  • Ordinary Girls

    Here’s a modern day send-up of a Jane Austen novel: two young girls–their acclaimed novelist father deceased for many years–live with their inept artistic mother in a shabby but genteel Victorian house in a Philadelphia neighborhood. They subsist on royalties… Read More ›

  • Every Stolen Breath

    Lia (short for Amelia) Finch is the surviving asthmatic twin of a sister who died in very early infancy.  She lives in comfortable circumstances with her widowed mother in Chicago.  Her father, a successful prosecuting attorney, was murdered in a… Read More ›

  • The Best Lies

    Katherine Remy Tsai is a 16-year-old with battling professional parents who love her perfect older brother better, so much so that his schoolmates don’t even realize he has a sister. Things have been mighty stressful at home for many years,… Read More ›

  • Reverie

    Kane Montgomery was the last person at his school to find out he was gay. As other students at school gradually became aware of it (before he did), the sleepover and party invitations stopped coming and friends dropped off the… Read More ›

  • My Jasper June

    It’s the last day of school for thirteen-year-old Leah, who lives with her mom and dad in Ormewood Park, a suburb of Atlanta where neighbors frequently gather together for cookouts and observe community traditions that date back years and years…. Read More ›

  • All-American Muslim Girl

    Allie Abraham is the almost-16-year-old daughter of an academic father and a psychologist mom.  Her dad is of Muslim heritage but not practicing; her mom was raised Catholic but converted to Islam when she married.  As Allie’s father has pursued… Read More ›

  • All Our Broken Pieces

    Lennon (yes, you can easily guess where the name came from) is a young woman living with her divorced mother in Maine. She is beautiful, talented and creative (in sewing cosplay-type stuff), and she has OCD. In fact, she blames… Read More ›

  • How It Feels to Float

    Having moved from place to place in Australia with her mom and her twin half-siblings after the death of her father and after her mother’s remarriage then divorce, Biz seems on the surface to be keeping things together.  She makes… Read More ›

  • All the Bad Apples

    Deena is a teenage girl being raised by her elder sister Rachel in Dublin. There is a 17-year gap in their ages, Deena having been a “bonus baby” when her mother was 50. Deena’s mom died of an aneurysm when… Read More ›

  • Full Disclosure

    Simone Garcia-Hampton is a seventeen-year-old HIV-positive girl attending a private Catholic high school–her second private Catholic high school, that is, after being “outed” by someone she thought was her best friend at the first school.  Bullying and intimidation have caused… Read More ›