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We are a team of certified secondary school librarians and English teachers with a combined total of over sixty years experience who are publishing under this communal nom de plume.

  • No Fixed Address

    Seventh-grader Felix Knutsson and his mother, Astrid, find themselves living in a van after his grandmother dies and his mom has  mismanaged her inheritance (and her life in general). Astrid is not a good parent. She is mouthy, judgmental, a… Read More ›

  • Ten After Closing

    High school senior Scott just thinks he has problems. At home his unemployed, depressed, alcoholic dad is becoming increasingly abusive towards him, his mother and his younger sister Evie.  Even though he has several outstanding college offers for the fall,… Read More ›

  • Heretics Anonymous

    Thanks to a dad who is rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, Michael Ausman has moved four times in ten years.  Once again he is starting over at a new school in a new town, this time at a private Catholic… Read More ›

  • Toaff’s Way

    On the book jacket, we read, “Sometimes Toaff wondered if he was the only squirrel on the whole farm who had questions. He hoped he wasn’t.”  With that invitation, I delightfully read about the adventures and insights of a grey squirrel as… Read More ›

  • #MurderTrending

    The ex-reality-star-turned President of the U.S. has outsourced a segment of capital punishment in the federal criminal justice system to a mysterious producer named The Postman, who has repurposed the old Alcatraz prison site into a physical setting for his… Read More ›

  • Fawkes

    In England in the year 1604 teenager Thomas Fawkes is preparing to take the test that will determine his source of color power while also anxiously waiting to receive his hand-crafted mask from his father, Guy–both events that will mark… Read More ›

  • We Regret to Inform You

    Mischa Abramavicius is a high school senior at an expensive private school where the kids are momentarily expecting admission letters from the hifalutin schools of their (and their parents’) choice.  Mischa is the child of a single mom who works… Read More ›

  • Questions I Want to Ask You

    In this book Patrick (“Pack”) is a high school senior about to graduate.  His mother left when he was small and he doesn’t remember her at all.  His dad, a cop, raised him, and they get along well.  In younger… Read More ›

  • Down and Across

    Soon-to-be high school senior Saaket “Scott” Ferdowsi has a problem: he has no passion for anything that gives him direction in life.  He easily loses interest in activities, then drops them, and moves on to something else.  Or not.  His… Read More ›

  • Love & Luck

    Addie is in Ireland with her mom and three brothers attending an aunt’s wedding.  She is smarting from a nasty break-up in which her boyfriend shared around a topless photo she sent him.  The wedding festivities end, most of the… Read More ›