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We are a team of certified secondary school librarians and English teachers with a combined total of over sixty years experience who are publishing under this communal nom de plume.

  • Keeping the Beat

    Five London teenage girls form a band, win the UK section of an international reality show competition, and fly off to California to prepare for the next round.  While there, they fall prey to all the temptations you can expect… Read More ›

  • Eden Summer

    This book is set in West Yorkshire, and it is a pleasure to be reminded of the beauty of the are Two high school girls have been friends since they were tiny tykes.  One, Eden, seems to be a golden… Read More ›

  • Sneak Thief

    Twelve-year-old Belle “Hush” Cantrell lives a ragged life. Her mom tells her she’s ugly and useless and, when her low-life thug boyfriend is around, sends her off on errands to get her out of the way. Belle tells people she’s… Read More ›

  • Just Fly Away

    An attractive, successful family of two parents and two teenage daughters is thrown into turmoil when the father reveals he has an 8-yr-old son living in town, the result of an extramarital fling.  The husband’s wife had long known and… Read More ›

  • The Memory Trees

    A 16-year-old girl has been living with her dad and step-mom in Florida for 8 years, since the tragic death of an older sister in Vermont.  Her birth mom in Vermont had a mental breakdown and was judged unsuitable to… Read More ›

  • The Beauty That Remains

    Three teenagers living in the same area die unexpectedly (and within a short time of each other) of leukemia, a car wreck, and suicide. Left behind to grieve and somehow make sense of their tragedies are a twin sister, a… Read More ›

  • Between Two Skies

    This is a fine, well-written book worthy of all acceptation. A hard-working lower-middle-class family loses everything when Hurricane Katrina hits their part of Louisiana.  They evacuate to Atlanta and try to regroup and re-start their lives.  Eventually they (mostly) make… Read More ›

  • Matylda, Bright & Tender

    This slim book is about two fourth-grade best friends who decide they want/need something of their own to care for, so they jointly buy a gecko whom they name Matylda.  In the course of normal adventuring, one of the friends… Read More ›

  • All the Crooked Saints

    This is an original and charmingly told story of a strange family living in a deserted town in the Southwest desert. They have the ability to perform miracles.  People travel to them for help but the help isn’t easy –… Read More ›

  • Strange Star

    Felix, a free black man who has sailed from America via the French coast city of Calais to England, has found himself employed as a servant working for Lord Byron at the Villa Diodati in Switzerland. Visiting Lord Byron are… Read More ›