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We are a team of certified secondary school librarians and English teachers with a combined total of over sixty years experience who are publishing under this communal nom de plume.

  • Through the White Wood

    This 400-page fantasy book is a cross between the X-Men movies and a Russian fairy tale. Katya is a young woman with an unusual power, the ability to protect herself by generating a covering of ice and projecting that as… Read More ›

  • How to Make Friends with the Dark

    The protagonist of this book, Grace (aka Tiger), is a high school sophomore living in a small Arizona desert town. She does not know who her father is/was, and her mother is secretive about most other parts of her past… Read More ›

  • The Princess and the Fangirl

    This book is a modern version of THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, ComicCon-style. Two identical teenagers–one (Jessica Stone) an Oscar-nominated star of a wildly popular sci-fi series called “Starfield” and the other (Imogen Lovelace) a series devotee pushing a campaign… Read More ›

  • Hope and Other Punch Lines

    Here’s an original book that sets its action fifteen years after the 9-11 World Trade Center disaster (making it a timely subject when you consider current congressional slowness in renewing financial support for victims dealing with resulting serious, life-threatening medical… Read More ›

  • The First True Thing

    First of all, let me say the blurbs on these book jackets are nonsense.  This particular book, while worthy of notice and thought, will not leave you “breathless,” nor is it “heartbreaking” or particularly “raw.”  OK, thank you, I feel… Read More ›

  • The Goodbye Summer

    Caroline is sixteen-going-on-seventeen, the only child in a loving and attentive family.  Although she has dated before, she falls hard for a grocery store clerk named Jake, who is three years her senior, and she becomes embroiled in an intense… Read More ›

  • Love & Other Curses

    Sam is about to turn 17.  He lives with his father, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother in a small town in central New York.  The people in his bloodline are cursed such that if they fall in love before the age… Read More ›

  • Two Can Keep a Secret

    Twins Ellery and Ezra Corcoran are relocating temporarily to live with their grandmother in small, picture-perfect Echo Ridge, Vermont, while their mother, Sadie, completes a four-month drug rehabilitation program in California. Ellery is particularly interested in Echo Ridge because she… Read More ›

  • Hot Dog Girl

    In the summer before her senior year, Elouise (Elle/Lou) Parker is working at an old but beloved amusement park called the Magic Castle in her small hometown. She’s not crazy about being assigned to walk around and dance in a… Read More ›

  • Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak

    Lu Charles is a high school graduate embarking on her last summer before college enrollment in the fall. Filipino-American, she has two loving if divorced parents, one with whom she lives in an apartment in the heart of NYC (together… Read More ›