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  • Four Dead Queens

    This 423-page fantasy novel is set in a land called Quadara, a land once ruled by a single king but now devolved into four separate quadrants, each represented by its own queen.  The quadrants follow the Henry Ford philosophy of… Read More ›

  • Enchantee

    On the eve of the French Revolution in 1789, seventeen-year-old Camille Durbonne finds herself living in a garret with her fifteen-year-old sister Sophie and older brother Alain, so desperately poor that she turns to the magic taught her by her… Read More ›

  • The Weight of Our Sky

    In 1969 sixteen-year-old Melati Ahmad and her best friend Safiyah (Saf) leave school when classes finish for the day and head to the Rex Theater to see Paul Newman (whom Saf adores) in his latest film. Mel’s mom, a nurse,… Read More ›

  • Within These Lines

    Evalina is a high school senior living in San Francisco, California in a loving Italian-American family whose mafia roots are in Chicago.  She helps with the family restaurant, has friends, is headed to university, and–most importantly for the story–is in love… Read More ›

  • On the Come Up

    This story opens with sixteen-year-old Brianna (Bri) Jackson dealing with a lot of worries.  Her dad, once a rising rap star on the underground scene, is twelve-years-dead from a gang-related shooting, having left the family his famous name, a prized… Read More ›

  • The Art of Losing

    Freshman year for Harley Langston changes dramatically when Mike Baker, newly-transferred lacrosse and basketball star, sits down at her cafeteria table and starts up an intense conversation when he sees her reading Gail Simone’s BIRDS OF PREY. As they find… Read More ›

  • The Beauty of the Moment

    Sixteen-year-old Susan Thomas finds herself starting high school in a totally new locale, having been relocated by her parents from India to Saudi Arabia to Canada.  Her physician father has set up Susan and her mother in their new apartment… Read More ›

  • Between Before & After

    Molly is a young teenager in 1950’s California who unexpectedly discovers that her mother is hiding some secrets about her life.  An aspiring writer, she then places an ad in the New York Times seeking clues (her mother grew up… Read More ›

  • The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried

    Seventeen-year-old Dino DeLuca is helping out his parents by doing cosmetology work at the family funeral home, a job at which he excels. One of the bodies he must work on is that of July Cooper, his longtime but estranged… Read More ›

  • The Music of What Happens

    Seventeen-year-old Max Morrison and Jordan Edwards know each other from their AP Language & Composition class at Mesa-Guadalupe High School in Mesa, Arizona, but they are not friends until the summer before senior year when Max stumbles upon Jordan and… Read More ›